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         We at Gregory Tomb Glassblowing Studio respect the general public, fellow glass artists, clients and students, valuing our differences. We cherish privacy and indivuality, understanding our diversity reflects our strengths.


Those who explore, discover!

Explore your neighborhood.

Explore your world.

Experience something new yourself.  

        In glass, I explore new processes and new ways to use glass and light. I explore the cognitive space an object consumes of those who observe it and those who enjoy it. I live to explore the joys we find in a spectrum of color illuminating from a beautiful piece of glass.



         I maintain the highest respect for those who provide service and services for me. I aim to provide the best service I can through sharing my passion, knowledge, time and consideration for others. 



        I am commited to openness, honesty, effective communication and accountability. I believe in matching the perceived quality of intentionally shared information and intent with my actual quality of authentic products and actions. 



To Share My Love of Glass

I strive to contribute positively to my community, my surroundings and

the world around me.

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