A Story by the Sea
  • A Story by the Sea

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    This is one of my favorite pieces. It was made by first blowing a large blue and white cup. Then blowing a red bubble, I stuffed the blue cup, such that the red was on the inside. This "stuffed cup" technique is challenging and time consuming. When done correctly, the result is all the color is on the outside of the piece, so I could carve the design. The story started with imagery from a recent trip to key west for an art show. I saw palm trees. couples, families enjoying the beach and sunsets. The story developed and after masking the designs, I sandblasted and then acid etched the final piece. The interior still has evidence of the etching, meanwhile the exterior is left with a beautiful matte finish.


    Unfortunately, as the life of an artist goes, it is time to let this piece go. Enjoy for a fabulous deal.